“Together” – New Series Starting for our Youth

Hope to see you all tonight at 6:00. We will be starting our new series, “Together”. Here is a intro of our study…
As followers of Jesus, we’re part of a movement that began
thousands of years ago—a movement that’s still alive today!
It’s called the church. In this series, we’ll explore exactly
how the early church began this movement. As we do, we’ll
discover that, like them, we can move forward further and
faster when we’re following Jesus together.
WEEK 1: Together we are better.
WEEK 2: Together we are braver.
WEEK 3: Together we have a bigger impact.

Same Church, New Name

So if you were at church today, you saw and heard that our exciting news is we are changing the name of the church to ONE CHURCH. This name change is to reflect our mission and vision for the church going forward.

You have most likely heard us talk about MAKE ONE, and PRAY4ONE as goals for every Christian at church. MAKE ONE is the goal of bringing one person to Jesus each year, for each person at church. It is the calling Jesus gave us, to make disciples. (Matt 28:19–20; Romans 10:14–15; Matt 4:19-20) PRAY4ONE is our challenge to everyone at church to find someone, each and every day that you can pray for. Someone that’s a friend, loved one, neighbor or even someone who may have done you wrong; anyone! If you find someone in need or prayer, take that opportunity and Pray for them. Prayer is a very powerful thing that God has given us, and we are to use it as followers of Jesus. (Matthew 5:44; Philippians 4:6; Philippians 4:6)

Changing our name does not change who we believe in, nor why we are here. What it does do, is give us direction on what we are doing and that we are doing this for the glory of God.

Registration is NOW for YEC

OK, so I completely dropped the ball over the holiday and now we are coming to the deadline for YEC.  I need to know if you are going by the Wednesday of this week (I have to register that evening).  You can find more info here for the weekend activities.


The event happens Feb 1-3 and the cost is $150 per person.  We have some funds so if the cost is the deterrent, let me know and we will work something out.  Please let me know ASAP if you are going so I can get us registered.  You can call me at 86-344-2079 or drop me an email at jamescevans75@nullgmail.com.

New Series starting tonight!

Don’t forget, we will be meeting tonight at CPCC for our youth meeting at 6:00pm. Bring your tablet or iphone. We will be playing Kahoot!
We will also be starting our new series called Into the Wild! Sometimes God calls us to take a step of faith—a step out into the wild. We don’t know where He’s leading, but we know He’s asking us to trust and follow Him. In this series, as we look at how Abraham followed God’s call into the wild, we’ll see that we can find the courage to do the same.

YEC is Coming!

Good afternoon everyone.  Just wanted to send a reminder that we will be meeting tonight at 6:00 at CPCC.  Come join us for fun, fellowship and the Word.
Also, mark your calendars.  YEC is coming up February 1-3 in Sturbridge, MA.  This is a great weekend of fun for all youth to grow closer to Christ.  Check out the video promo here:  https://vimeo.com/292754182
More info to come on registration.  Stay tuned.
See you Tonight!