We believe in the power of prayer.  We would love to join you in prayer for God to intervene in your life and celebrate the praises of God’s glory with you.  Please add your prayer requests or praise reports to the list and also join us in prayer for each other.
Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. –  Jeremiah 29:12
This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. – 1 John 5:14


Prayer Request List

  • Concentration camps of North Korea

    May I request once again's prayer request about North Korea?About 3 months ago I asked you to pray...I was thankful for you last time,would you please pray for...

    - Human experimentation process -
    Inside North Korean concentration camps,prisoners are using as chemical and nuclear weapon experimentation objects.Christians who steadily refuse to conversion are sent to human experimentation . If I can add testimony ( after 3 minute 28 seconds)

    -Summary execution inside North Korean concentration camps-
    Each night, some number of people receive summary execution . If I can add an explanation, In the dark and small room, the decision is made by North Korean way by few soldiers secretly and execution is made by squeezing neck by special tool made of cord.

    -Public execution inside North Korea-
    The public execution may you have seen once or twice on TV,

    and..-Prisoners used as a martial art training toy-

    -Prisoners used as a surgery toys-..
    There is no anesthesia in surgery exercise ,for women It's atrocities of shouldn't happen (for they do evil violence..)

    -Orphans of North Korea-

    Thank you for your mind and prayer about North Korean people , sincerely..

    Address : ..801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,669,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,South Korea Phone : 82-70-8258-4660

  • What I am like

    God show me what I am like.

  • Salvation and know truth by revelation

    God I want to know you and be s aved. Please let me be a true disciple and give me revelation concerning requests in my heart.Amen

  • attn youth group!

    Dear Pastor,

    My name is Ashley and I'm 14 years old. God has tugged at my heart and urged me to share my testimony with the local area youthgroups. Please print this out and give it to every member of your youthgroup.

    Even though I've grown up in a pretty Christian household I never thought about God that much. Church was a chore I had to do once a week and that was it and so when the spiritual darkness came into my life and I didn't really know what to do.

    For reasons of privacy I've changed the names of my friends but my story is absolutely true.

    Basically I've had a pretty normal time at school. My friends were dorky kids just like me. Everything was pretty normal until a couple of friends and me started doing bath salts. That's when the real trouble began.

    One day my friend Devon sat at lunch with me and my other friend Gwen and he had an idea. Devon had been playing guitar for two years and was into black metal. I don't know much about music but I guess he was supposed to be pretty advanced for his age. His parents bought him big amps and nice guitars and let his band practice in their garage. Even though he was pretty good he was dissatisfied with his abilities. Usually it takes years and years to be good enough at the guitar to be successful and he didn't want to wait that long. This older kid who lived nearby him suggested that Devon use bath salts for more creative mastery. This kid wanted to be an artist and he said he would use bath salts during his creative visualizations and his drawings improved 1000%. So he gave Devon some bath salts called Lunar Wave and suggested he use them.

    So at lunch Devon had this idea that we would all ride our bikes to this abandoned house near where we lived and we would first do bath salts and then do this ritual to improve his creative abilities. Gwen and me had never done drugs before but Devon said bath salts were legal and safe and so we went along with his idea.

    And so on a Friday night we went down to this abandoned house to do this ritual. Since it was getting dark we brought some candles to have enough light. The house was kind of scary and spooky and so I brought my dog along for protection.

    We all went into the house and lit the candles. Devon gave us each a line of bath salts to snort off our hands and then he did the ritual. Basically he read a creative visualization he photocopied from a book. The bath salts made me feel warm and tingly and a little dizzy. My brain had this fluttery feeling as well.

    After Devon read the ritual a few minutes passed and the room seemed to get brighter and a man appeared which made my dog start to bark and snarl. He said his name was Adfail and he said he was a spirit from Ireland who helped people become masters of music. He looked like he was from the 1700s except he had glowing white skin and glowing red eyes. He told Devon to reach out his hand and he would impart the knowledge Devon seeked for musical mastery. When he grasped Devon's hand Adfail started to talk in a high pitched voice that sounded like a tape being played backwards at high speed. By rights we all should have freaked out when Adfail appeared but we were too stoned by then to be in shock.

    That night when I got home I had a very bizarre dream. It started out pleasant but kind of got scary toward the end. In my dream it was a clear night and I was flying. It seemed very peaceful at first. Out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like bats but they didn't bother me too much. Then in my dream I encountered smoke and sulfur. They were so strong I could smell them. As the dream went on the smoke got thicker and thicker and I had the feeling I was flying downward. I started to see sparks and flames and the bats next to me were making shrieking sounds that were getting louder and louder. When I woke up the next morning I was drenched in cold sweat.

    We met Devon at his house again on Sunday night. When we met him again he was very excited because he had written 4 new songs and the other members of his band were complimenting him on how good they were. He had apparently improved greatly.

    But by lunch next Thursday Devon was very depressed. He had encountered severe writer's block and hadn't been able to write anymore songs. He felt he hadn't progressed far enough yet and wanted us to come with him to that abandoned house again to get more creative inspiration.

    And so the next Friday night we all went to the abandoned house again snorted bath salts and had another ritual. Once again Adfail appeared and grasped Devon's hand to give him creative mastery, but before he gave him more mastery Adfail said something I clearly heard. He said “To keep the path clear between us you must use the magic powder every day.”

    That night I had the dream I was flying with bats again. This time everything was more vivid and terrifying and I woke up screaming.

    The next 2 weeks things got worse and worse for Devon. He did bath salts every day and he looked real pale he lost weight his grades went down and he smelled. Since the second ritual he had only written 3 more new songs and his other band members were pressuring him to write 4 more songs so they could make an album.

    He was desperate to write new songs and so he asked Gwen and me to do a third ritual with him. By this time Gwen and me felt something was wrong. If he had creative mastery by now why did he have to keep going back to do more rituals? Why was he getting such writers block if he had gotten knowledge from this spirit to make him a master of music? And why was he so messed up from bath salts if they were safe? And then there were the nightmares I was getting. Something just didn't seem right.

    But we went along with it anyway and went to the abandoned house with him for the third ritual. I figured since he was just starting out on guitar he REALLY must have needed a lot of inspiration to be the best at metal. That was why he needed to do so many rituals I guessed.

    So we went back to the abandoned house for a third time snorted bath salts and did the ritual. Adfail appeared again but it was different this time. Before he seemed warm and loving but now he seemed stern and cold. He looked at Devon and said “I have given so much to you. What are you willing to give to me?” “Anything!” said Devon “I need to write some more songs!” “Will you give me your mind?” said Adfail. “Yes I will give you my mind!” said Devon.

    Then Adfail put his hand on Devon's head and when he did that it seemed there was a whirlwind in the middle of the room. Debris and trash started spinning all around us. Then I saw what looked like bats flying around only this time I realized they were not bats but DEMONIC CREATURES WITH BATLIKE BODIES! Their eyes glowed red and sparks trailed behind them. Then I started seeing and smelling smoke and sulfur just like in my dreams.

    This time it was too much. Gwen and me screamed and ran out the back door. We rode our bikes home and then told our parents what happened and then told Devon's parents what happened.

    We came back to the abandoned house with our parents and found Devon there on the floor. His eyes were wide open and he was drooling and mumbling to himself. The parents called the paramedics and they took him to the hospital.

    Devon is now in a psychiatric facility. I overheard his mom talking to my mom and his mom said he may never be in his right mind again. As a result Gwen and me have been grounded for the rest of the year.

    After this experience I realized that we had been going down a dark path and into Satan's hands. I realized I needed to get right with God and dedicated my life to Jesus. I also feel God put it in my heart to warn others.

    So to all the kids out there reading this know DEMONIC FORCES ARE VERY REAL! Stay away from BLACK METAL, BATH SALTS, AND CREATIVE VISUALIZATION! These are the tools of the devil!

    Love in Christ,

  • Oppressed Husband and Marriage Restoration

    My husband is suffering from spiritual/demonic oppression. This has greatly affected our marriage, his view of our relationship, and driven him to stay in another city. Please pray that the devil's influence is bound and rebuked from him, and that he is able to see our marriage with fresh, unscaled eyes to come home and recommit. Lift the devil's veil and mask from his eyes, and stop the devil's work in his mind, body, and heart at this moment. Please pray for his deliverance from all evil and the complete restoration of our marriage.

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