Back-to-School Supply Drive…

Thank you to everyone that donated items and recyclable bottle/redemption money for our annual Back-to-School Drive. For the year we have $458.02 in funds and lots of school items that you all have generously donated.
For the schools that we intended on supplying with this money and items, we had found that they were not in need this year due to receiving outside help from their school districts or towns. For that reason we have decided to hold off on donating these items until next year. Maple Street Elementary School in Rockville will be in need as their funding will be up for students in need for school supplies, so we intend on giving our collections prior to the beginning of the school year next August.
All of the funds received and collected for our Back-to-School drive are saved in it’s own account and will be only used for this purpose. We will continue to keep you updated through the next year on ways to donate, get involved and be a part of helping our communities children. Thanks so much for all of the help.
If you have any questions, contact Jason Gaines